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Keep Up w/your TRASH!

Spring CLEARING with St. Louis Gets Junk

Freshen up your home and get a head start on the often hectic seasons of spring and summer. Spring cleaning can feel like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be! Let St. Louis Gets Junk help you haul ALL your unwanted junk!

Little by Little, Clean Room by Room

Approaching your house room by room is the most effective way to deep clean it and not become so overwhelming. You can create a cleaning checklists for each room to help you get organized and to remind you of places that need some extra attention. Skip the places that you know have been cleaned recently, and focus on the parts of your home that need some extra help!

Clear the Clutter and Start Organizing

One of the BEST parts of spring cleaning is getting rid of clutter that becomes junk! Identify the problem areas, figure out how to avoid the clutter in the future and determine the solutions, and GO! Sorting your belongings into four categories—trash, give away, store, or put away—can be VERY effective! Call St. Louis Junk at once to remove that clutter, to get it out as soon as possible!

Get the FAM Involved

Make spring cleaning a household event. Even young children can be excellent helpers. Assign age-appropriate chores, so everyone feels included. Try throwing on some music as you all clean and get productive or establish a household reward as an incentive to get everything done.

Tackle those Seasonal Chores

Many chores need to be done seasonally, especially in preparation for warmer weather. So incorporate them into your spring-cleaning routine to get them out of the way. For instance, tackle those dirty outdoor chores, such as cleaning the grill, the yard, and outside windows, when that weather starts warming up! Also, store winter clothing, bedding, decor, and other items. Then pull out your spring and summer items to give your home a refreshed new look!

Establish New Year Cleaning Habits

A thorough spring cleaning that covers the whole house is a great opportunity to establish new cleaning habits, which can make the next spring cleaning even easier! For instance, don't try to do all of your spring cleaning in one day or even one weekend. Instead, tackle items on your spring cleaning to-do list little by little like for just 15 minutes each day. That will help to get you in that habit of tidying up for 10 to 15 minutes per day to make next year’s spring cleaning easier and easier!

St. Louis Gets Junk is fully insured and in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. We haul junk for both Residential and Commercial customers. If you are looking for quality one-call junk hauling, please call St. Louis Gets Junk! 636.262.7357

Make Even More Money
When You Sell

There are all sorts of pricing strategies, comps, when to show, schemes, blah blah blah. But, St. Louis Gets Junk provides the only service that will help you Raise the Roof on your home’s value when you are ready to sell! It’s simple, fast, inexpensive and it will save you aggravation, money, and time, where you can have a party too. The answer is…

De-Clutter that House, Now. 

It is the first thing to do when you are ready to sell….Here are the advantages (duh). And we will save the best for last, so don’t cheat!

  • Getting rid of stuff you don’t or won’t want to move gets it out of your way once and for all and clears the way for other things you will do to your house like painting, flooring, etc. De-Clutter first, so call St. Louis Gets Junk for one of our brand new 16 ft trailers and fill it up! We’ll haul it away!!
  • De-Cluttering makes your home Show BIG. And who doesn’t want a bit extra room for the junk they will move in! (It’s true!).
  • Getting rid of your junk BEFORE moving will reduce your moving bill. Dump those old clothes that you have not worn in 10 years. We take that at St. Louis Gets Junk. Why move that old office chair to your new place? That dresser you will replace, all that old lawn equipment, your kid’s kid furniture, or the rusty old bike your spouse told you…you were never going to paint, oil, and put new tires on, ten years ago?.... We take all that too! Just order a St. Louis Gets Junk trailer, and we will haul it away, easy peasy!
  • The hardest part about de-cluttering is being a realist. Sometimes it is hard to admit…That old stuff is of no use anymore, and deep down, it is getting on your nerves, and it is time for a psychological breakup. Time to dump it! Spring and Early Summer is the perfect time to free yourself, Right?!

Finally, let’s get to the money part. De-Cluttering can significantly impact the value of your home when you are selling. 

  • In soooo many cases these days, it is not what the appraisal shows or what the comps say; it is what the BUYER WILL PAY FOR YOUR HOME! Offers are coming in well over the appraisal, and if your home shows a cleaner, roomier, and homier home, it will sell for more.

What if you could get just 1% more for your home? The advantages of De-Cluttering are cost-effective, easy, and you can do it yourself over a weekend. Schedule a St. Louis Gets Junk appointment today! 636.262.7357

Good News for Business Owners with Junk!

All types of businesses seem to generate junk. Just being in business for an extended period often results in an accumulation of waste. Whether it's old office furniture, appliances, equipment that you're no longer using, or simply large amounts of trash and debris, it must all be disposed of somehow. That can be problematic for many smaller businesses because much of the typical business junk is large, unwieldy, and heavy. The best approach is to outsource this work to a St. Louis Gets Junk professional.

Since most businesses aren't in the junk hauling industry, this is typically not something they're equipped to do. So while some waste management companies will arrange for a special pick-up, this usually comes with additional fees. If that's the case, and you only need it once a year, why not get it done cheaper and locally? Call St. Louis Gets Junk at 636.262.7357 to pick up all your business junk! A local family-owned business in St. Louis serving; St. Louis County, St. Charles, and Jefferson County.

Buy Local from St. Louis Gets Junk!

Bin There, Dump That!

It's a great idea to prep the spot you plan to have the dumpster placed, as it can save time and eliminate stress when the driver shows up for delivery. This is not a difficult or time-consuming thing to do, and it will increase the likelihood that the entire process goes smoothly. St. Louis Gets Junk professional to book your dumpster over the phone at 636.262.7357 or fill out the form to request a dumpster online HERE. Then we bring out a 20ft dump trailer to fill for 5 days! Then we will come and pick it up. Proof, junk all gone! OR We Haul your Junk for YOU for an extra fee per hour. It's that EASY!

Confirm Where Your Dumpster Will Go

If you know where you want your dumpster to go, like in your driveway, explain the location to the dumpster rental providers you speak to and confirm your proposed placement is a viable option. A flat, hard surface is the ideal location for a dumpster. This would include a concrete or asphalt driveway, parking lot, street, or hard-packed dirt or gravel at a worksite. Ideal conditions aren’t always possible, so it’s best to discuss your dumpster placement with your rental provider prior to delivery.
Some of the locations you may NOT be able to place a dumpster include:

  • On a steep hill (The dumpster could shift or move.)
  • On a soft or sandy surface (The dumpster truck could get stuck.)
  • Side of a city street (A dumpster permit may be required first.)
  • Sometimes, placement on softer surfaces is possible if the proper prep work is done ahead of time.
  • This may include placing plywood on the ground, or other similar solutions, to compensate for the less-than-ideal dumpster placement conditions.

Remove Any Existing Obstructions

Ultimately, the best way to prepare for dumpster delivery is by making it as easy as possible for the truck driver to complete the drop-off. Remove cars, bikes, kid’s toys, trash cans, or in some cases, fences that may be in the way of the drop-off zone. A typical roll-off truck needs quite a bit of space to unload the dumpster, so keep that in mind when clearing off the driveway or drop-off location.

Buy Local from St. Louis Gets Junk!

Let us do ALL the heavy lifting!

St. Louis Gets Junk will take the weight off your shoulders and the strain off your back, with our stress-free junk removal services! One of the most overwhelming tasks in life can be cleaning out your own or someone else’s cluttered dwelling or business. Whether you’re confronting a hoarding situation, an abandoned business, or the home of a deceased relative with a lifetime of accumulated junk, our friendly team will haul your space clean in no time!

We will ensure all our clients have a stress-free junk pick up experience.

You can rest easy knowing St. Louis Gets Junk will handle all your junk in an efficient manner without the hassle! Call St. Louis Gets Junk and two professionals will remove your junk! Call 636.262.7357 or fill out the form to request online HERE. We haul your junk for you for an extra fee per hour. It's that EASY! Proof, junk all gone!

Let St. Louis Gets Junk,

Help You Get Ready For The Holidays! 

What are you waiting for? Let the Junk Fairy, aka St. Louis Gets Junk, carry off all your junk before the holidays! Take back your space with St. Louis Gets Junk! We can haul your furniture, appliances, mattresses, and so much more so you can host the most memorable holiday event! Which is just around the corner!

Getting started is easy.

  1. Call St. Louis Gets Junk at 636.262.7357 (Your local junk removal company!)
  2. We deliver a shiny new 20ft dump trailer to your home or business and park it neatly in your driveway or parking area.
  3. It will remain at that location for five days; then, we will pick it up!
  4. WE CAN LOAD TOO! For a small fee of $200 per hour, we will send two guys to help load your junk!

Compare us to any competitor. Our trailers are Newer. Our prices are better, and our representatives are better lookin'! We are a Fully Insured and Licensed Junk Removal Company and a division of  Wagner Door Garage Company that has been in business for more than 35 years.

You'll be glad to say,
"I got my junk hauled away by St. Louis Gets Junk!"

Call St. Louis Gets Junk and two professionals will remove your junk at 636.262.7357 or fill out the form to request online HERE. We haul your junk for you for an extra fee per hour.
It's that EASY! Proof, junk all gone!

In With The New,

Out With The Old!

Need to get rid of clutter fast before the holidays?

Call St. Louis Gets Junk, and two professionals will come and remove your unwanted junk just before the holidays! Call us at 636.262.7357 or fill out the form to request our services online HERE. For an extra fee per hour, we will haul your junk, or let us drop off our trailer for a quick declutter right before you get all new stuff!!

Take back your space with St. Louis Gets Junk! We can haul your furniture, appliances, mattresses, old toys, and so much more so you can host the most memorable holiday event!

It's that EASY! Proof, junk all gone!


Get A Head Start,

On Spring Cleaning!

Let St. Louis Gets Junk help you clean up your old bikes, furniture, Christmas trees, Sports Equipment, and much more. Start Spring Cleaning early because we book our dump trailers in advance, People Love 'em! Now take a peak at our top three steps on getting your spring cleaning done right and early!

  1. Create a Plan

    Work smarter, not harder! Kick off your spring cleaning on the right foot by developing a plan to ensure you're working as efficiently and effectively as possible. Writing down your goals will help. Do you want to tidy and sanitize? Or do you want to purge your home of unwanted items and start fresh? Thinking through your desired result will help you prioritize each task. This plan will help you top up all your cleaning tools and supplies to ensure you have what you need to accomplish that goal before diving into a day of deep cleaning.

  2. Deep Clean One Room/Space at a Time

    Tackling a deep-cleaning project one room at a time will make you feel accomplished, motivating you to proceed further into the next room until the plan is complete. Focusing on one room at a time, you will notice things you may not have before, like dust, dirt, chipping paint, or an overabundance of junk. When you commit to cleaning and refreshing one room at a time, you can honestly evaluate your needs and the purpose of that space.

  3. RePurpose a Whole Room of the House

    While deep cleaning your guest room, did you realize it's been turned into a storage closet? We're all guilty of it, but now's the time to reclaim that space and give the most of your area! Stop closing doors and being too embarrassed by the mess behind the door. Transform your space into a yoga/meditation room, reading nook, craft space, home office, and more. Reclaim your space and get rid of your stuff today by calling St. Louis Gets Junk